Cell City Analogy. PED ... Ina far away city called Grant City, the main export and ... Nucleus. Town Hall. 4. Endoplasmic Special Carts (thing come, is). Reticulum.. Your choice (clear with teacher). City. Required comparisons (minimum of 8). Control center- Nucleus. Boundaries- Cell wall/membrane. Energy- Mitochondria.. Organelle. City Part. How is the organelle and city part similar? Nucleus. Rough Endoplasmic. Reticulum. Mitochondrion. Cell Wall.. If the nucleus is likened to the city hall of a city, then the membrane is like the security fence around it. The membrane includes pores that allow for the passage of.... A structure in a cell that is enclosed by a membrane and that performs a particular function. cell membrane cytoplasm nucleus eukaryotic cell prokaryotic cell.... Membrane. Cell Wall. Cytoplasm. Mitochondria. Lysosomes. Vacuoles. Golgi Bodies. Chloroplasts. Endoplasmic. Reticulum. Ribosomes. Nucleus. Nucleolus.. Ribosomes are like the Constructio A cell and a city are very similar. Cell city analogy examples nucleus analogies. city hall, government, army. cell wall. a rigid.... Function: directs all the cells activities (brain of cell) Analogy to City: City Hall ... ribosomes inside the nucleus Analogy to City: Copy Machine Inside City Hall.. Every cell part and its analogy have a relevant common structural and/or ... What do the organelle and its analogy have in common? nucleus. lysosome.. Feb 10, 2017 Cell City. Learning objectives. 1. The students will describe the name and function of some of the cell parts: nucleus; cytoplasm; mitochondria;.... The NUCLEUS (or the executive department) runs the cell factory and ... turns to more specialized ORGANELLES, the factory analogy will no longer apply. b8d0503c82

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